• 7th March 2014 - By David

    Cabin Comfy FurnitureBelieve it or not, children aren’t the only individuals who like getaway spots. I know I as an adult would love to have a space that is my own where I can escape from the world and get some peace and quiet at times. Whether that be a lake house or a log cabin, having a retreat would be so nice. I know my grandparents have a log cabin up at a lake in northern Utah that we enjoy vacationing at during the Summer. It is so nice to take a break and relax there while enjoying nature. If building a log cabin is something that interests you, there are many floor plans that you can choose between. You can have a cabin that is single story or multiple stories depending on the aesthetic look you would like and the surrounding area. In speaking about my grandparent’s cabin, there’s is two stories. Downstairs is the kitchen, dining nook, family room and a master bedroom. Upstairs is an open loft with a bathroom, and then they just added an addition a few years ago of a second bedroom upstairs and another bathroom with it. I’d say their cabin is definitely on the nicer end. Depending on the materials used, and how large and elaborate you want the log cabin to be affects the price it’ll cost to build. So let a little bit of your inner child out, and see where you could build and enjoy a log cabin today!

    But building a cabin is just once piece to owning your very own retreat. Once the cabin is built you need to furnish it. So what type of furniture is best for making a comfy, cozy cabin? One idea to help you get started is to have created a vision board while the cabin was being built. You could cut out pictures from magazines of different ideas that you like, you could have swatches of fabrics you like and you could get paint samples if you were planning on doing some DIY furniture projects. Keep in mind the colors of the wood of the cabin, and find furniture peices that match accordingly, or have similar looks to them as to the wood. Perhaps consider mismatching colors. Using a high contrast color scheme can provide elegance or simply be lots of fun, whatever the goal is you are trying to reach. Once you have your main pieces such as a sofa, arm chairs and a coffee table for the family room, keep in mind that less is more when it comes to accessorizing. You don’t want the space to feel cluttered. When searching for a sofa look for ones that are large and inviting. A log cabin brings to mind wintery nights where I want to cuddle up on a couch in front of the fire. All of your seating furniture such as a sofa and arm chairs need to be comfortable. Consider ones that are overly plush or a big nice leather chair. Your furniture needs to have more of a rustic look to it in order to match the walls of the cabin. Have fun with it and let your country side out a little. 

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