• 10th March 2014 - By David

    Epic Home Theater RoomIf you are looking to create an epic home theater room, you probably have an incredible plan for comfortable seating, an excellent television projector and maybe even a popcorn machine in the back, so you can have movie theater quality popcorn, right inside of your home. While all of this does sound good, you need to make sure you have the audio system covered. This is one area many individuals tend to skimp on, yet the audio quality can often make or break a home theater room. The audio is half of the entire moving watching experience, so when you do not have a top notch system, such as a Warner Audio & Video system, you simply are not going to have an epic home theater room.

    When it comes to your home theater room, you need to have an exceptional video space and audio equipment installed. For starters, chances are you are going to find a traditional television just is not large enough for the given room. Due to this, you probably are better off opting into a projector. Projectors have drastically come down in price, so you can set up a projector in your theater room and increase the size of your viewing area. The specifications of these projects often rival that of what you find in actual movie theaters. Plus, you now have other projector options, outside of the ceiling installed offerings. Now, there are short throw projectors that are placed directly against the viewing wall and project upwards. These are great for saving space and makes it easier to connect all of the equipment in one spot. Regardless of what you go with though, you generally want the larger viewer area in HD with a refresh rate of at least 240 Hz.

    When it comes to the audio system, there are different kinds of audio setups you can go for. The less expensive 5.1 audio systems are going to give you the traditional surround system setup, although you are able to go to a 7.2 system. A 7.2 surround sound system has four middle speakers that run the length of the room, which is good if you have more than one row of seats, two rear speakers for audio coming behind you and a center channel. It also has two subwoofers, so you can truly feel the rumble of all of the deep tones of the audio that is going on with your home theater room. With Warner Audio & Video, you are going to have some of the very best equipment, all designed to ensure you can have the very best audio and video experience in your epic home theater room, installed right into your home.

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