• 15th April 2014 - By David

    Getting a Roof FixedThere are many construction projects that are optional or delay-able. Roofing is not among them. If your roof is leaking or is missing shingles or is so old that the shingles are crumbling, that is a priority job. Roofers are hard-working people. If you have ever worked atop a roof you know the truth of that statement! Finding a good, reputable roofing company may well be worth it if you want to save yourself some back-breaking labor in the hot hot sun and be sure that your roof will be good for a long time to come.

    You may need only to have some tar or caulk put into a leak area, perhaps around a chimney or vent. Or if one area only of the roof is damaged, then the same process applies to that area as would apply to a whole roof if it were in need of new shingles. If there is structural damage, then someone with carpentry experience should be contacted. Home owners also should consider the possibility of putting on a sheet metal roof that will have a higher initial installation cost but require essentially zero maintenance for many many years to come. If the roof is in need of a general overall repair, however, the following steps would be followed by professional roofers.

    Old shingles will be torn off and thrown into a dumpster so they can be taken to the dump and disposed of in a legal and safe way. Next the old tar paper will be torn off and disposed of. Nails that once held in the old shingles will be pulled up. If those nails fall in the gutters, it may be a good idea to remove them. The yard, however, must be checked for nails after the tear off in case it may pose a danger for lawn mowing, etc. The next step will be to check the ply wood and replace any rotted or broken pieces. Then they will lay down new tar paper and lay down new shingles on top of it. The shingles will overlap to keep out rain and wind. Shingles at the edges of the roof and in valleys will be cut to size and a cap with vent put at the peaks.

    To find a good roofer you may wish to ask your neighbors and friends if a good company or individual did their roof. Otherwise, you can look in the local phone book or online. Roof work is hard and costly so you will want to make sure you have enough savings to get the job done. And don’t forget to give out some cold water to the workers! I have worked on roofs, and I can assure you that they will appreciate it!

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