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    61faj3Safety and Security of Your Premises

    Most people believe all they need is a security system and all is well. Too many criminals who break in and enter homes and commercial facilities are hi-tech savvy and easily hack into these systems, unless it is fully monitored by a professional monitoring system.
    It’s a pretty scary thought that the most sophisticated security systems aren’t a challenge for hackers. What’s needed is a secondary level of assurance of safety and security. A second pair of “eyes” to watch over your family, your business and your valuables adds to your sense of well-being and quality of life.

    Why You Need Alarm Monitoring Services

    The experience of burglary is frightening, particularly when lives are at stake. Once an alarm system is installed, it may be programmed to alert police or fire departments of a possible threat; but, it may not.
    All it takes is a serious electrical storm to knock out power and the system may malfunction. If a fire breaks out and your security system is affected, minutes may be lost contacting the local fire department. This is why you need an alarm monitoring service like Alarm Relay as your safety and security partner.

    About Alarm Relay Monitoring Services

    Alarm Relay was established in 1972, when owner, Paul Piscatelli, was a victim of a burglary. This terrible experience inspired him to found Alarm Relay, an alarm monitoring service that provides an extra measure of safety and security. Located in El Cajon, CA, alarmrelay.com has grown in its track record of loyal customers and reputation for excellence. Alarm Relay does this at affordable rates. The company believes safety and security should be affordable and readily available.

    Top Notch Alarm Monitoring Solutions

    Alarm Relay’s long history of alarm monitoring assures customers of top notch solutions to feel safe and secure in their homes and businesses.

    For business owners, an alarm monitoring system is a necessity to avoid costly liability insurance rates on their facilities and to further protect their employees. In addition, an alarm monitoring solution increases the value of properties. This is something to consider when choosing Alarm Relay, the most professional alarm monitoring expert.

    Weighing the Possibilities vs. Security

    Certain commercial facilities are targets of burglaries, due to the nature of their business. Burglars are attracted to sophisticated computer equipment, delicate chemical measuring equipment and expensive tools that costs tens of thousands to replace.

    Homes in many upscale areas are the most likely to be burglarized. Weight all the possibilities against the value of your security. The cost for comprehensive alarm monitoring services is a great value. For more details, visit alarmrelay.com. Join the Alarm Relay community of satisfied alarm monitoring customers today.

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