• 8th May 2014 - By David

    used furnitureWith the economy still on the decline, many consumers are looking for ways to save money. However, this is not an easy feat. As adults we like to have nice things, such as, a house, car, furniture, and other essential items to enhance our lifestyle. But, when we want nice things, what do we do when we cannot afford them?

    Many consumers have started to look at purchasing used items instead of new. We know most everyone is familiar with the idea of used cars and houses being bought, however, not everyone is aware that you can buy used furniture. Some people may even wonder if you can purchase used furniture. The answer is you can.

    There are several benefits to buying used furniture vs. new:

    • You can purchase used furniture at a fraction of the price. A used furniture store will check the item for cracks, chips, or tears ensuring you will get a quality product.
    • Used furniture companies will still deliver to your home. They often offer same day and next day delivery.
    • Used furniture is not going to depreciate in value as much as new furniture is once you bring it home.
    • If you like a particular look, but can’t afford to buy it new, then you can purchase a piece of furniture in that design and reupholster the cushions to fit your design, or refinish the piece all together.
    • Older furniture is made better than newer. It is made with better wood and thicker materials and will more than likely outlast newer furniture.
    • It is a great way to be friendly to the environment. There is no reason a perfectly good piece of furniture should be thrown out.

    Is it okay to buy used furniture?
    We have all heard of bed bugs and are aware that furniture can be a breeding ground for fleas and ticks, as well. However, this is not a concern with used furniture. A used furniture store will thoroughly inspect a piece before they purchase it. Furthermore, all used furniture is sprayed with a chemical to help sterilize it. This removes any risk of something unsavory being brought into your home on a piece of furniture you purchased.

    We here at Crowley Furniture know that you want to have a beautiful home inside and out. Come visit our store to see what fine pieces of furniture we have available.

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