• 8th June 2014 - By David

    mattressThe first and one of the most important step in buying a mattress is to shop at a store that specializes in mattresses. The staff is trained to assist in not only making a purchase, but in finding a mattress that is specific to the needs of the buyer. Try stores that have a variety of the major brands. These stores have no incentive to push certain mattresses. In addition, having all the major brands available for testing in one location saves time and money. It also allows for side-by-side comparisons. Often, these stores also carry brands that are specific to certain medical needs. Sometimes injury, back pain or certain breathing related illnesses cause people to seek replacing a mattress. These people need to consider a mattress a serious investment in their health. Often, salespeople in these stores will offer a comfort test to decide which mattress is the best option, but if they do not, the buyer should not be afraid to ask questions and take their time in considering all the available options.

    It is a common myth that people with back problems should use a firm mattress. The best mattress for people with back problems is a mattress that alleviates the pain of the problem. Most often, these will be semi-firm mattresses. These mattresses in some areas are called medium firm. The back needs the support that is necessary, but it also needs an amount of therapeutic comfort. Soft mattresses do not offer the support, and firm mattresses do not allow the spine to rest in a natural position. Another misconception is that pillow top mattresses are a cure all for every body type. If a person’s body size and weight are not enough to impact the pillow top then buying a pillow top for therapeutic reasons is probably a waste. Pillow tops are designed to give people who are heavier an extra layer of protection from the underlying coils. Smaller body frames may get the same results from a less expensive option that is more suitable for their particular issues.

    Customers can do comfort checks for themselves. By checking all variations of a mattress at a particular price point, brand and quality, a sense of what is comfortable and effective at alleviating problems becomes clear. This will also narrow the options and give direction to the choices. The store should let customers lay on the mattresses. If this is the case, lie on the mattress for approximately ten to fifteen minutes. This is an important purchase and if a store does not allow this test, simply find a store that does. To prevent gimmicks, stores offer comfort guarantees. This will allow the mattress to be returned under some specific conditions. These and all other warranties and conditions should be checked. Crowley Furniture Mattress Store says that good mattresses carry a ten year warranty, but under specific conditions.

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