• 21st September 2014 - By David

    outdoor-garden-light-7Who or what is Outdoor Lighting Perspectives?
    Outdoor Lighting Perspectives is America’s number one choice for dynamic outdoor lighting and design. They are a comprehensive outdoor lighting company look at lighting in a fresh way, as much a visual art form as a mechanical utility.

    What is their site like?
    The site is of top notch quality with a easy to navigate hub that branches off into one of six different other pages. They are, inspiration, solutions, design, difference, connect and more which features what they do in intricate detail. One of the most interesting and unique features of Outdoor Lighting Perspectives’ site is the addition of a very well produced video series which shows, step by step, the work that goes into their lighting installations, from set up to the finished product.

    What services do they offer?
    The company has a wide array of outdoor lighting services including, outdoor path lighting, outdoor deck lighting, outdoor path lighting ideas, various kinds of outdoor LED lighting options, low voltage outdoor lighting options, landscape lights, contemporary outdoor lighting and finally, residential outdoor lighting. They do not believe that there should be such a thing as cookie cutter lighting and that is why they do their utmost to ensure that whatever they install, it will be unique to your vision of your home. They offer a completely free and comprehensive consultation so that they can specify exactly what any given client wants before they ever begin a project. They also have a strict dedication to safety as much as visual flair which means they pay special attention to appropriate lighting paths which may be uneven, hilly, or shrouded in greenery.

    Why are OLP services useful?
    There are many areas of a modern residence, like the backyard, front porch, swimming pool, patio and garden which you will spend countless hours improving and cultivating. But once the sun goes down none of that work will matter and the will be completely hidden from view. The company does not believe that darkness should inhibit one’s enjoyment of their own land and thus they offer the best in state of the art lighting. Even if you have porch lights or set up landscape lights of your own, there will often be of minimal effectiveness and rather stunted longevity. Given that they will not be professionally installed there is a greater risk of missing central areas and paths of movement which can cause accidents and injuries – with OLP that is never a problem.

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