• 19th June 2014 - By David

    pressurewashPressure washing, which is also power washing, is one of the best things a homeowner can do to maintain the appearance of the exterior of their home. Whether it’s an old home, or just in need of a fresh look, pressure washing can give your house a new face.

    These substances get stuck onto the surface of the exterior walls, the backyard deck, front porch, and even the doors,and it can be tough to restore the original color that your place was intended to have.

    That’s where a good quality pressure washing company comes into play. Renew Crew is a pressure washing company from¬†Richmond, VA, they are¬†experienced, licensed and takes care of all your mild or extreme pressure washing needs.

    The company is known for it’s eco-friendly, green culture, and uses only the highest quality products on the homes and commercial establishments they service. They do everything from decks, fences, and concrete, to wood and vinyl siding. Renew crew has developed a method of pressure watching that is a step above other services of it’s kind.

    Most services only wash surfaces with conventional pressure washers, but don’t get ALL the deeply embedded dirt and grime that’s dug into a walls surface. Their service representatives utilize safe products that help a pressure washing machine with getting deep down smudges and grit that a standard wash just doesn’t get. Their products aren’t the harsh, chemical bleach solutions that kill the greenery around your house.

    Here are some things that you should know:

    1. If you don’t maintain a deck properly, elements like the sun, snow, and rain, can wear the wood down, stripping it of it’s color. Insects and things like mold and mildew also mar surfaces.

    2. Letting amatuers do concrete washing could damage the surface and leave graffiti like cracks and pock marks that invite stains and other elements that can weaken the concrete.

    3. The pressure used at some companies is so high that it eats your siding away, so safer, less stringent methods of cleaning should be used.

    4. Spraying a debris lifting solution on surfaces can help soften up the gunk so that the pressure washer only needs to be minimal which saves walls from scratches on homes like log cabins.

    5. Filthy gutters decrease a homes appearance with marring stripes and graying,

    This company uses a safe 3 step method that ensures that it’s customers get the best service available. This process fights the risks involved in damaging a homes or it’s sidewalks and concrete, it also is designed to seal surfaces so they look better and have less wearability.

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