• 21st July 2014 - By David

    mosquitoucontMosquitoes are a dangerous nuisance during the summer months. They are carriers of deadly diseases and their bites cause painful sores that are prone to infection. This is why it is important to take steps to control mosquito populations around the home. However, safe mosquito control can be difficult as many repellents and pesticides contain harmful chemicals. It is therefore important to seek out other, safer means to combat the irritating blood suckers.

    Remove Sources of Standing Water.

    Many people mistakenly believe that any mosquitoes found around their home originated in a swamp or other large body of stagnant water. The truth is that mosquitoes are not a traveling insect.

    It is believed that most mosquitoes will travel no more than a mile from the place they were born. This means that any mosquitoes in or around the home most likely originated on the property. To put an enormous dent in the mosquito population look around for and eliminate any sources of standing water. This can be anything from persistent rain puddles to flower pots. Remember that mosquitoes do not require a lot of water to lay their eggs. Even a small coffee mug left outside can become a breeding ground.

    Befriend Some Bats.

    Bats are the ultimate mosquito killer. Enticing a small family of bats to move near a home can greatly help reduce the mosquito population. A single bat can eat hundreds of mosquitoes in a single hour.

    Bats are actually very easy to lure to an area. Simply build or purchase a bat house and place it somewhere around the property.

    Some people are hesitant to use bats as a safe way to control mosquitoes for the fear of rabies. This is a baseless fear since most bats do not carry the rabies virus, and those that do will avoid human contact unless threatened.

    Use Herbs as a Natural Repellent.

    Another nifty trick to rid oneself of the mosquito menace is to use certain herbs and plants. Many plants such as catnip and rosemary give off a scent that mosquitoes can’t stand. Growing these plants in the garden can help keep mosquitoes away. It is also possible to take the leaves of these plants and rub them on clothing and skin. For the best result it is best to crush the leaves first.

    The use of herbs is also a perfect way to stop mosquitoes from ruining an outdoor event such as barbecue. Throwing a handful of sage or rosemary on to the grill while cooking won’t just add some flavor, but will also keep away mosquitoes.

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