• 12th November 2013 - By David

    How to Save Money on Your Monthly Bills

    Are you looking for a way to free up extra cash with simple savings on your monthly bills? These 3 simple savings tips can add up to hundreds of dollars in annual savings off your monthly bills.


    Shop Store Brands

    Not only are store brands cheaper, but they are often made by the same big name food companies as the name brands, but without the fancy label, so they cost less.

    Shop Store Sales

    When you get store circulars in the mail, don’t throw them away. These are packed with great store deals, and since they are dated, they can help you plan your shopping trip around store sales. You can also sign up for store sales notifications, via email.


    Sunday newspapers are usually packed with manufacturer’s coupons, and grocery stores, such as Kroger, now offer hassle-free digital coupons for its rewards card members, for discounts on many food and household items. Kroger’s rewards cards, also help you save at the pump. Couponbug.com is also a great place to score many manufacturer’s coupons.

    Fresh Produce

    Shop Farmer’s markets. Not only will you purchase vegetables picked fresh that morning, but you’ll also be able to purchase plenty of fresh vegetables in bulk; at great deals. Chop veggies such as carrots, zucchini, peppers, garlic etc., and store them in the freezer for later use.

    Bulk Items

    Shop discount clubs for bulk foods and household items such as paper towels, toilet paper, and cleaning supplies etc. These stores are also great when purchasing foods for entertaining big crowds, like during the holidays and football season etc.

    Shop with a list to avoid impulse buying.


    Energy efficient lighting can help you save up to $50 a year in electric costs, lasts longer than traditional bulbs, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. There are three types of energy-efficient bulbs: LEDs, CFLs, and energy saving incandescents. For the greatest amount of energy savings, choose bulbs with the “Energy Star” rating.


    Incandescents, or halogen, bulbs contains a capsule inside that holds gas around the filament to increase bulb efficiency. These bulbs can net up to and can net up to 25% in energy savings and lasts three times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs.


    These compact fluorescent lamps, are curly versions of the traditional long tube fluorescent lights. CFLs can save you up to 75% in energy savings.


    LED lighting, also used for traffic lights, uses semiconductors that transfers electricity into light. LED lighting Columbus, can net up to 25% in energy savings.

    Heating and Cooling

    Save on energy and cooling costs, with energy efficient curtains. These curtains are curtains that come with a heavy lining attached on the inside. During the winter, the lining keeps heat from escaping and blocks the sun from getting in during the summer months. According to experts, energy efficient curtains, with plastic lining, could save you up to 33% on heating and cooling costs.

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