• 1st September 2015 - By David

    ahw71d0Getting setup with Directv has never been easier, as you can now go online and get all the information you need to select a package and simply call through on the telephone and speak to a representative, who will inform you if you can get service or not and can walk you through your purchase. Although there are a ton of companies that provide satellite television, there is no question that Directv is one of the standout companies, as they consistently put out great service, which is illustrated by the raving reviews that they get from the majority of their customers.

    Service Areas
    Although Directv is one of the leading providers not only in quality but in quantity as well and can likely sign you up for sattelite TV, there are some cities and areas where service is not available. This is likely if you live in a remote area, although there are some cities in metropolitan areas that simply cannot get service from Directv. For instance, if you are trying to get California Direct TV in a city that is way up in the mountains, there is a very high chanced that you are not going to be able to get signed up with Directv and will have to find another way to get cable. Other time’s there are apartment buildings and homes that will not allow a dish to be added anywhere on the property, effectively eliminating the possibility of getting Directv to your home. Also, your home may not have an angle where a dish can be installed which effectively picks up a signal, which is emitted from a larger dish located somewhere in your city. If this is the case, you likely will not be able to get service as well, as the connection will be shaky at best and you probably will not be happy with your service. However, every customer service representative at the company of Directv has a database, where they can enter in your address to determine if you can or cannot get service.

    Selecting a Personalized Package
    By calling in, you will be able to work with an employee and figure out if you can get service or not. If you are in an area that is compatible, you can then go over the various plans and packages that you can sign up for. There are a ton of movie channels that you can sign up for, as well as all sorts of channel packages, all of which can be individually customized. Don’t forget to ask about the NFL Sunday ticket package if you are a football fan, which can get you every NFL game that is being broadcasted from week to week.

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