• 20th November 2015 - By David

    fbopThe most recent advances in internet technology include the fiber optic internet. Data is transmitted through a fiber cable that uses the principles of light reflection to transmit data. The speed of fiber internet is high compared to other conventional methods of using copper wires for internet transmission. Fiber optic internet gives the users great upload and download speeds than the traditional fixed line internet. The cables are silica glass of human hair thickness. One cable contains up to 10000 of those silica glasses. The cable uses the speed of light to transmitted data. Hence, there is minimal or no speed reduction. The fixed line copper wire has high resistance reducing the rate of the data. This case doesn’t apply to fiber connection.

    There are several other advantages of using fiber optic internet than the convectional fixed line internet. Several companies are specializing in providing faster and reliable internet. They are using the fiber technology. One can find more info here at this website, and various publications are highlighting the benefits and techniques used in fiber optic internet. Below are some of the advantages of fiber internet over other internet methods.

    • Security-fiber is the most secure network. Unlike copper wire that is attachable to hacking systems, fiber is not detachable. It’s made of glass only breaking it can penetrate the system. Therefore, there is guaranteed data security and minimum rate of disruption
    • Speed- the speed of optical internet is incomparable with any other method. The up load and download speed are fastest and allow almost instant retrieval of data. Fiber is the most reliable for web broadcasting and video conferencing due to its high speed.
    • High bandwidth- the bandwidth of fiber optic internet is high. It’s symmetrical hence allows almost the same upload and download speeds. The data can therefore is transmittable for long distances and unvarying signal rate.
    • Privacy- fiber internet allows the most private connection. Every client is connected to a single line unlike other fixed internet that allows sharing of internet line among multiple users
    • Less interference- conventional interference affecting data transmissions over copper wires like electromagnetic interference is not possible with fiber. This less interference is because the fiber cable uses light packets to transit data and light signals have little interference.


    Fiber Internet, therefore, is the safe choice for various companies and business. It has several other uses and advantages. The fiber optic internet technology is firstly gaining dominance in various markets.

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