• 16th October 2013 - By David

    Many people believe a carpet has an infinite lifespan, but there are some signs that are simple to spot which can determine when the time has come to replace a carpet. For most carpets a 20 year lifespan sees the floor covering reach the end of its usable life and becoming hazardous to health, while losing a lot of the comfort it was originally purchased for. Smells, pet hair and allergy causing particulate matter can all remain in a carpet Sun City AZ, even when it is professionally cleaned reducing the quality of life for the inhabitants of a property.

    One of the major signs a carpet is at the end of its life is a large amount of damage, such as tears and rips that are found around a carpet. Small tears in a carpet can often be repaired by a professional, or a replacement piece of carpet can be installed to patch the carpet. When rips and tears become a large problem the cheapest and simplest option is to replace the entire carpet instead of trying to repair large areas and match new carpet with older, existing carpets.

    Smells and odors are a major problem found by carpet owners who keep a carpet for many years. Professional cleaning of carpets should remove all stains and odors from deep within the carpet fibers, leaving a clean, fresh smell in a property. When cleaning takes place and odors remain the problem smells may have moved further into the floor covering than a cleaner can penetrate. Odors can reach the subfloor and carpet pad, while penetrating deeply into the fibers of the carpet and prompt the owner of the property to remove the carpet and lower floor coverings to maintain the fresh smell of freshly installed or cleaned carpets.

    A carpet should also provide a comfortable feeling for those walking on it when it is new or freshly cleaned. When newly installed the fibers of a carpet should spring back into place as they are walked over by a person, as a carpet ages or becomes dirty and smelly the fibers lose their ability to spring back into place. When the fibers no longer spring back into place the time has come to replace the carpet to maintain the comfort of a home or workspace.

    A carpet should provide more than simply a floor covering, it should increase the comfort and warmth of a property to make it somewhere people want to spend time in comfort. By replacing a carpet when it is worn or damaged the appearance of the property as a whole and reduce the value of the property.

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